Education/Medicine/Science Gateway Prayers

We Pray and ask the Lord…to raise up righteous bold teachers and professors that will tear down lies being taught in the schools.  We pray for boldness and protection for the Christian teachers in the public sector as they speak the truth, exposing wrong mindsets and idolatrous foundations. We pray to turn back all state indoctrination of our young people.

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We Pray and ask the Lord…for Godly wisdom for the Boards of Education, the elected officials, both men and women, who make decisions for our children’s educational curriculum.

We Pray and ask the Lord… to awaken and raise up Christians who will make a strong stand for good materials that opposes new age, values clarification, pro-abortion mindsets, the lie of evolution, anti god, pro-Islamic influences, the sexualization of children, homosexual friendly curriculums, and loose morality that is being forced upon the students.  May the Christian foundations of our heritage return and be taught in our schools.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for our teachers and professors in our state for you Lord to give grace, wisdom, understanding and anointing to them so they will teach our young people godly values even in the public schools.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that Godly men and woman would be elected to school boards at all levels; that Godly principals and superintendents would be placed into positions; and Christians would participate in parent groups in the schools to influence them.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to bind the powers of perversion and the strong influence of sexual immorality that is being embraced and taught as normal to our children.  We ask you Lord to use the church in prayer to tear down, destroy, over throw and up root these demonic obsessions flooding into the schools.  We ask the Lord to bless the standard of purity and abstinence.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that our constitutional morally based freedom of speech will not be taken from us!  We ask the Lord to send laborers to the schools and college campus’s who will speak the truth to our youth – even in the face of persecution.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to protect all campus evangelist’s who are bringing truth to university campuses through the preaching of the Gospel. May university students have their eyes and ears opened to the truth of God’s Word.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to reveal and bring to justice any physical, mental, or sexual abuse that is taking place upon any child within the schools.  We pray for the protection of your angels to be encamped around our children.    

We Pray and ask the Lord…to protect the rights of home schooling parents in Michigan and the nation. We pray that rights of freedom to teach Godly based curriculum will not be taken.

We Pray and ask the Lord…Pray that the fear of the Lord and respect for authority will once again be taught to our children.  We pray the parents will be a direct part of the educational process and our youth will be taught to honor their parents.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to raise up anointed people to lead Bible studies and prayer groups within the schools.  We declare prayer and Bible study will be incorporated back into our schools.


We Pray and ask the Lord…that all doctors, nurses, and all medical personnel would be allowed due to their conscience not to perform abortions.  May they rise up against this national holocaust of killing the unborn.  We pray they will be a voice for life from the womb to the tomb! May they stand against euthanasia.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that science would not be used to transgress the moral law of God through embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, human engineered diseases – that will bring a curse upon our state and nation.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for grace, favor, wisdom and blessing upon all individuals involved in the medical field as well as their families.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for protection for medical and emergency personnel and wisdom for any crisis we may face in the future whether disaster related, a pandemic, acts of terrorism, or any challenge that could manifest.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that the discoveries being made in science where there is an intelligent designer – GOD – be revealed in Jesus name in the secular and public arena.

 We Pray and ask the Lord…for medical solutions and breakthroughs regarding all diseases!

We Pray and ask the Lord…for signs, wonders, and miracles to break out in this profession where they will lay hands on the sick for a total recovery of their patients. Jesus will be glorified!

We Pray and ask the Lord…for wisdom and protection during any possible pandemic such as the bird flu or other type of disease related occurrence.