Family Gateway Prayer

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We Pray and ask the Lord…for salvation, blessings, and the promises of God to come upon the families in Michigan and our nation…that traditional family Biblical values would be encouraged in the home and lived out.  May each family have open hearts to repent when convicted by the Holy Spirit. We Pray and ask the Lord…for the strengthening of the family units and marriages in Michigan and the nation; and for unity and a Jehovah Shalom peace to manifest within the homes. May the love of Christ cover our families. We Pray and ask the Lord…to bless those who are in financial difficulty and for those who have lost jobs and homes. Help them find employment. We ask You Lord for financial breakthroughs for the families; we pray that our state despite the nation’s debt crisis and faltering economy will prosper. We Pray and ask the Lord…that the covenant breaking spirit – divorce – will be bound and cast off of our state and nation.    We pray that the love of God and faithfulness will be released over all broken and troubled marriages. May forgiveness, healing, reconciliation and restoration reign. We Pray and ask the Lord…for grace to come upon the children of broken homes.  May hope be restored in them and protect them from bitterness and unforgiveness. We Pray and ask the Lord…to bring peace, hope, and joy to families who struggle with drugs, alcoholism, depression, suicide, strife, sexual addictions and anger. We Pray and ask the Lord…to stop the evil agenda that is trying to redefine marriage and legalize homosexual marriages within our state and nation.  We pray that any such plans and legislation would bring an outcry of outrage from the true family structures and the church.  May we receive divine strategies that will be successful in stopping this agenda of left wing anti-Biblical activists and extremist. We Pray and ask the Lord…for the families within our state to be given revelation and wisdom for a redirection of priorities, first a turning to God in repentance for materialism, selfishness and not seeking you Lord.  May there be a recommitment between family members and may relationships between generations grow in love and unity. We Pray and ask the Lord…that parents would be bold to instruct their children in living according to God’s Word…that parents would lead their families in prayer and seeking God together. We pray that a proper authority structure in the family will again be taught, established and honored. We Pray and ask the Lord…for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that was promised to be released in the last days will be poured out over the families of the State of Michigan and the nation.   We pray for Revival fire to break out within each family.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that families would gather together in their homes to pray and fast for our state and nation. May families be moved to participate in the “Watch of the Lord”.

Listen to this video from Rick Warzywak of Transformation Michigan as he guides you in prayer for the Family.