Michop- Michigan Capitol House of Prayer


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What is happening here is historic. It is a first in our nation. Michigan now has an all-denomination Christian prayer center strategically located across from our state capitol to specifically bless our government and its leaders. The MICHOP prayer facility was born out of a desire to see the transforming power of God impact every area of our state.  We all know that divine intervention is needed as no human remedy alone will suffice.

MICHOP was dedicated in September of 2010 as a strategic regional and state gathering place for prayer and worship. By following the will of God we are establishing a place to function as a day and night prayer center connecting the 83 counties of Michigan.  Its strategic position will powerfully address the governmental sector and will strengthen the effects of the body of Christ to engage in desperate prayer and worship on behalf of our state and its government leaders.  The MICHOP facility will become a command center where God’s desires will be heard, declared and carried out.


“Jesus Christ is Lord over our state capitol, government, and leaders of Michigan”

MICHOP is strategically located directly across from the Michigan Capitol Building. It offers visitors the opportunity to physically view the building that represents the Gate of government as they pray the will of God for our leaders. Our facility will provide a venue for ministry directed to those in state office, with meeting rooms and space for Biblical worldview studies, personal prayer ministry, and more.

MICHOP facility is a ready to use meeting place including: WiFi, lounge, full kitchen, coffee makers, rest room and offices.  Also a 12 x 20 meeting room with folding chairs, large flat screen monitor, and a full sound system that includes mic’s, keyboard, congas, etc.

MICHOP will not focus on the politics of the donkey, elephant, or tea parties.  But, rather, on Jesus Christ the Lamb who has become the Lion.  We will be the “knee party”; pro-life, pro-family, and totally aligned with Jesus.

MICHOP will form a prayer shield to cover our state and contend against the challenges that we face as a state and nation.  In accordance with these prayers we believe God for the great harvest of souls.

MICHOP will be in part making Michigan the next Herrnhut, where in the early 1700’s day and night prayer went forth and endured for more than 100 years, affecting nations.  America was impacted and in part birthed by this prayer movement which was dedicated to a lifestyle of repentance and humility, and committed to see reformation in the cities, state and nation.

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