Church Gateway Prayers

We Pray and ask the Lord…for pastors, elders, deacons and church leadership to be blessed and have the favor upon the Lord as well as their families.

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We Pray and ask the Lord…for pulpits in our state and nation to be aflame with the truth of God’s Word never shrinking back or compromising. May the pulpits never fall to the pressures of Statism or government control and persecution…we say the church will keep its voice.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that any “hate crime legislation” would fall to the ground…and pulpits will not be silenced due to anti-god laws.  We declare that pastors and those in the church will have the courage to be bold as a lion to speak, no matter the consequences, in the face of adversity.

We Pray and ask the Lord…in the Name of Jesus Christ for His Kingdom authority to break and cast off the spirit of religion and disunity from the churches in our local communities.  May there be unity in our diversity allowing each to keep its unique identity as a member of the body of Christ!

We Pray and ask the Lord…that divisions through church splits, wounds through accusations and  offense – would be healed by love, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for His grace to bring holiness, integrity and Christ like character for our pastors and church leaders. We pray that their hearts would be strengthened in Christ and they would stand and live in righteousness and godliness before their congregations and community they are part of.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that our youth in the church will get revelation of your Word and go deeper and be released in their gifts to be a witness to their generation.  May the older generation release the younger to penetrate the culture with the Gospel.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to stir your people to pray and fast and see the need at this hour.  Give us revelation how and what to pray… and be watchman on the wall.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to expose the anti-Christ spirit that has subtly influenced the minds and hearts of the people which causes them to compromise.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for grace for mercy and help to walk in repentance and humility always seeking the face of the Lord.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to stir people to understand how to rest in God’s presence to lead us in these challenging times.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that the influences and intimidation of the Islamic agenda would not make the church in Michigan and the nation to retreat and become timid.  We pray for great boldness in our witness for Jesus Christ and declaring the power of His blood and the love of Christ to the Muslim community!  We pray that the light of the glorious Christ Jesus and His bride will shine brightly, forcing back the darkness and deception of Islam within our state and nation.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for blessing, protection, and favor upon the house of prayer in Dearborn Michigan to reach Muslims and the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer for state government in Lansing. We also lift up the “houses of prayer” in Michigan and the nation.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to give His church the revelation of the authority they have in Christ Jesus.  May the church walk in signs, wonders, and miracles and believe the promises of God. According to your word we are priests and kings.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for unity within the church of Jesus Christ.  We pray that denominationalism, racism, traditions, strife, envy, jealousies, competition and dividing doctrinal issues would be set aside and true love for the body of Christ would flourish within the church.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to break down dividing walls between the white, black, Hispanic, and Asian church as we are all the body of Christ.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for the eyes of our heart would be opened and the people of God would repent for the love of money (mammon) which is idolatry, and would turn to and trust the Lord for our daily provisions.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for the strengthening of marriages and family within the church.   We ask you to break off that covenant breaking spirit of divorce and division.   We pray for peace and unity within church homes.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that the Church of Jesus Christ would begin to seek the Lord for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit promised for this time.  We ask for your presence Lord to be in our midst and your glory to come down upon the church!

We Pray and ask the Lord…for the releasing of the five fold ministries gifts within the body of Christ in Michigan and the nation, to prepare the church to do works of ministry outside the 4 walls of the church buildings.  Stir up the gifts in the church! Release laborers for the harvest.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to stir the musicians and singers across Michigan and the nation to praise and worship you in a new song that will impact America.  Bring forth the new song that will change the atmosphere over a region. We ask you to give understanding on the 7 Hebrew words for praise…and may your church engage and worship you in them Lord.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for the Church, that we would reflect the image and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world we have been called to occupy.  We ask you Lord to break off of us the fear of man and replace it with the fear of the Lord.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to bless the church with great faith, discernment, strength, wisdom, and understanding for the season of time, tribulations and hardships ahead.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for an increase of His Love to manifest that will not grow cold but will remain hot in pursuit of His presence in these last days.

We Pray and ask the Lord…for a warrior spirit of intercession that will stand and fight against the forces of darkness over our state and nation.  Let us rejoice and take courage knowing the Kingdom of God is abundantly greater and King Jesus shall reign forever!

We Pray and ask the Lord…for wisdom to build the house of God (the church) and with it get understanding. May your church be a house of prayer!

We Pray and ask the Lord…to release the wealth of the wicked into the church and that grace for proper stewardship of those finances would be given.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to provide finances for those missionaries and outreaches that are bringing forth your Kingdom purposes in our state, nation and the world.

We Pray and ask the Lord…to remind us of the suffering church around the world.  We pray favor and blessings upon them!