Tenacious 10K Launches Prayer Initiative-Listen to Mike and Cindy Jacobs on this Video


In the history of our great state, there have been many who have laid down their lives in prayer for God’s purposes. This obedience has paved the way for the call that is now being sent out to Michigan, along with all 50 states.  What if every state in America could raise up 10,000 intercessors?

Listen to this video from Mike and Cindy Jacobs

04-17-2012 USRPN from Generals International on Vimeo.

In December of 2010, the Holy Spirit spoke to the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network as well as the Reformation Prayer Network to gather 10,000 intercessors from each state to form a strategic alignment for targeted prayer for our nation before the 2012 elections.

The West Michigan Prayer Center received the mandate to lead this drive in our beloved state. We are sensing the escalation of uncertainty and we believe this state-wide prayer of agreement will prepare the way for what God wants to do in Michigan in these dark days.  Unified one accord prayer has always changed history

It is our desire to support and encourage Anita Christopher and the leadership team of the West MI Prayer Center to help raise the 10,000.  The “Watch of the Lord” as we pray personally in the secret place is what will take us over the top.

Please Contact Anita at aschris@comcast.net for more information.