The Knights of St John Watch, 1080

A watch of the Lord began in Jerusalem in 1080 by the Knights of St. John.  Islam was posing a great threat.  Turkish Muslims were about to come against Jerusalem.  The Knights of St. John were known for their establishment of hospitals.  They defended them with their soldiers.

This Christian order made a vow: “To stand against the enemies of the faith, to preserve the unity of the faith, and to defend our lord’s, sick, and the poor.”

Out of this vow 24 hour watches were birthed.  We must not only stand in the spirit but also in the natural.  The Turkish Muslims invaded a number of times.  The Knights of St. John were always tremendously outnumbered but they always miraculously prevailed.

At Rhodes, God used 2000 knights to turn back 70,000 Turkish Muslims.  Remember Europe was being invaded by Islamic forces.  The Knights were being led by a Frenchman named deAubusson, who God used to stop Islam from taking Europe in the 1400’s.  One time he was pierced through his armor by an arrow in his lung.

He was also shot repeatedly at the same time and was thought dead.  But God performed a miracle and intervened and raised him up supernaturally.  Shining armor was seen all over  him and the 2 people that were with him.  When the battle was about to bbe lost the Turks saw him arise and they fled.  They knew God was  with the Knights of St. John.

Forty years later the Turks returned with 200,000 men and were  turned back by 2000 Knights.  Many of the Knights were killed but the Sultan surrendered and agreed to stop the war and gave many gifts and safe passage on their ships.  This was God’s favor!

The Knights built a fortress for a watch on the Island of Malta 40 years later.  The Turks attacked again with even a larger force and were turned back by a few Knights.  If it wasn’t for these courageous Knights who watched over Europe it would be an Islamic continent today.  These Knights were an example of watching and standing.

Look at Europe today as  it has spiritually gone to sleep.  Christianity has been attacked and prayer has decreased.  The Islamic invasion is taking Europe because the watch and guard is sleeping.  It is not to late though as a remnant is there that is being quickened and awakened.

Point to Ponder:  “The prayers of God’s saints strengthen the unborn generation against the desolating waves of sin and evil.  Woe to the generation of sons who find their censors empty of the rich incense of prayer; whose fathers have been too busy or to unbelieving to pray, and perils inexpressible and consequences untold are their unhappy heritage.  Fortunate are they whose fathers and mothers have left them a wealthy patrimony of prayer.” – E. M. Bounds