Signup Instructional

To Sign up for a Prayer watch, on home page click on any of the following four places.

  • Upper right corner of home page link which says PRAYER TIME SLOTS
  • Moving window picture Michigan Watch of The Lord (has woman praying on it)
  • 24/7 Box on the right under the moving window
  • Prayer Map on the bottom center of the home page

Step ONE

After following one of these links you will land on a page with a list of Michigan counties. Find the county you live in from the list and Click on it.



Step Two

You should now see the following screen. Chose the week or month view to see what time slots are taken and which are available. You may choose a time that is also occupied by someone else if desired however, if possible keep in mind our goal to cover Michigan in 24/7 – 365 day prayer



Step Three

After you have determined your time for prayer scroll to the lower portion of the page and begin completing the form. We appreciate your willingness to enter information in all the fields since it assists in our sorting management. Please note..your email will NOT be used for any purpose other than the Hiddenonesmi prayer initiatives and directives which will be sent bi-weekly for the most part.





Painless so far right?? Now you will receive a confirmation email from our Prayer Management Staff with the time slot chosen. Your name and email have been automatically entered into our system and within a few weeks you will begin to receive our prayer initiatives/directives.

Feel free to look around the calendar at others who are praying in your county. Our goal is the ability to connect you with others in your area via email/phone/or groups. Stay tuned.

If you need further assistance please contact us at For further reading on this initiative the following links might be helpful.

Updates on our website Click Here Resources of posts on the website are found here. Click Here