Newsletter for June 26th

There is a hidden praying remnant that is coming together in Michigan. It takes faith, persistence, and importunity. We have had two major developments take place since our last communication.

They both need prayer.

1.  Transformation Michigan has been in contact with Reinhard Bonnke’s organization. Reinhard is one of the world’s greatest evangelist and has it on his heart to come to Detroit and the Michigan region. His organization flew me, (Rick Warzywak),  into Florida this past week and the meetings went beyond my expectations. Detroit is a city of desperation and the church of that city must be impacted with te Gospel. Prophets have spoken how Detroit goes the nation will follow. We all have a vested interest in that city even though we may not live there.

Here is a clip of Reinhard Bonnke


Reinhard carries a message of unity of the church and the simple oGspel followed by signs, wonders, and miracles. Plans are moving forward and pray that I have favor!


2.  An opportunity has risen up where major funding could manifest to build the prayer movement in the State of Michigan. Transformation Michigan has a fivefold plan to facilitate this and a release of funding would accelerate our mission and vision for our state.


Pray that finances would be released!


Remember…there is a discipline in the Michigan Watch of the Lord. Do not give up and keep filling the bowl in heaven and your prayers will spill over and transform our state. You are partnering with Michigan’s destiny as a model to the nation. The changes we are seeing come into Michigan are a direct result of your prayers and petitions.

God bless,

Rick Warzywak –

NOTE: When I had lunch with James Goll he shared with Bishop Larry Jackson and myself that he had a dream. The dream was of Reinhard Bonnke. He was to visit three cities in America to turn back the African American community… Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta.




A.  Let us make a stand and pray for protection of communities across America during next week’s July 4th festivities. There have been warnings of potential terrorist attacks.

B.  Continue to pray that evil and corruption will be exposed in government. This includes both political parties. Pray that men and women of conviction would rise up to stand for freedom in our nation and the preservation of the U.S. Constitution.

C.  Pray for General Boykin as he leads the charge to preserve the rights of military personnel to share their Christian faith.

D.  Pray that truth would come forward in the present immigration bill as well as the hidden costs in Obamacare be exposed.




if you are taking vacations in these areas or live near them you may want to consider attending these mini conferences. I will be doing workshops at both and working with Harp and Bowl leaders from Kansas City.

Check out these links: 

Ludington – July 12-13

Traverse City – July 26-27


Bishop Larry Jackson in Detroit You Tube Links


In our last newsletters we had posted the first four parts regarding the power in prayer by Bishop Jackson. I have listed below parts five and six.

PART 5 –

PART 6 –




The question of who’s in control is a governmental issue. We often think of government only in its civil sense, but Webster’s defines govern as “to direct and control; to regulate by authority; to influence; to direct; to restrain; to steer or to regulate the course of; to exercise authority to maintain the superiority.” 

To exercise authority is to govern. Praying with authority, therefore, is “governmental intercession.” So, in essence, this is an issue of government – not politics, but prayer! Politicians and government officials legislate through man-made laws and rulings. We legislate through spiritual laws, principles, and activities. We legislate through prayer! – Dutch Sheets