Prayer Target Updates for September 2013


I was recently in the upper Peninsula and met with a good friend who is with Voice of the Martyrs ministry. He is directly connected with the underground church in Third World nations. He called me a few days ago and said the Syrian and Egyptian Christians are being slaughtered by rebel Islamic forces. We must lift them up in prayer. Many are suffering persecution the on what we can imagine. I have enclosed a YouTube clip with my friend brother Ray as he shares a story. May we have faith in endurance to stand if we are tested in such a way.



Pray that the sex trade would be exposed in our state. I just learned it is very prevalent on our West Coast of our state. I was not aware it was so widespread. The information I received indicated the kingpin lives in our upper Peninsula. May he be exposed in Jesus name. Cindy Jacobs has declared war through prayer on the sex trade perversion in our nation. This is a YouTube link(s) from their ministry.



We recently had a state trooper shot and killed in the Ludington area. Transformation Michigan has a relationship with two state troopers who are leading an initiative to pray for our police officers across the state of Michigan. What if any time we passed a police car or emergency vehicle we would lift up that officer or those personnel as well as their family and the situations they would be facing that day –in prayer. Speak a blessing and declare protection over any law enforcement vehicle that passes by you as you drive.  Go to this website if you would like to be part and lead the way and having local law enforcement prayed for by churches where you live –



We are receiving prophetic warnings regarding our economy in the United States. Pray that believers would be prepared for what is coming. Ask the Lord for mercy for our nation as a number are seeing a dollar and stock market crash. Always remember, never fear as God will be Jehovah Jireh..a provider.!



We have a plan that will go to many states. Portions of it need financing. I was given a word that a large donor will step forward. One door has closed – temporarily – that would have been a possibility but I still believe another will open. I have enclosed a YouTube clip talking about the mission for Transformation Michigan for 2013-14. Michigan will be a model to the nation and you are part of birthing a great awakening.