Newsletter for 11.27.2013

Never forget how the Lord always stirs a remnant in desperate times. This stirring always resulted in increased prayer. You are not alone out there as we are connecting individuals, churches, and ministries throughout our state to be part in birthing a great awakening. We all desire to advance the kingdom of God but also to preserve a future for our children and grandchildren.

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I am happy to report there is a process to connect various states together in the Moravian watch. The State of Virginia will be the first state that we will network with and you will be hearing more about this in the near future.

I want to wish you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving as well as thank you for your commitment and persistence as we move forward in the Moravian Watch of the Lord.

God bless,

Rick Warzywak – Transformation MI/MICHOP/Hidden Ones

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Update from Troy Carrigan our HiddenOnes Mi Prayer Coordinator

As we move into the next phase of the HiddenOnes prayer challenge from re-launch of the signup system to 24/7 coverage region-by-region we are very excited and encouraged as we see prayer warriors around Michigan and other states taking their place on the wall with the “sword” of God’s Holy Word in one hand and the trumpet of worship and prayer in the other.    The new spirit of unity in our diversity that is exploding throughout the state is powerful and refreshing and a mighty display of what happens when God’s people put aside their agendas for His.  If you do not yet have a free HiddenOnes bookmark for Breastplate Prayer please email your mailing address to and I will send one promptly.   Let’s press on to the prize of His highest calling!

Important: the following Prayer Slots that need to be filled for Mi 24/7 initiative are

Sun  1-4am….Sun  12-1pm….Sun  4-5pm….Sun  6-7pm….Wed  2-3am….Fri  2-3am….Sat  2-4am


Light and darkness is presently clashing throughout our nation.  Michigan is no exception. The battle to preserve traditional marriage and religious freedom in our state is coming to the forefront. Brad Snavely of Michigan Family Forum has given us an update of a soon coming challenge in February regarding adoption of children by homosexual couples. Transformation Michigan has also provided a link to answer common questions regarding gay marriage and the topic of homosexuality. Click Here for more of this story…

*Common Questions/Answers link for the battle to defend Traditional Marriage in MI.  Click here for more


Due to recent decisions by our present administration regarding Iran and it nuclear program Israel is in great danger. We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem. America is in danger of corrective judgments because of our present actions. Pray that the Prime Minister of Israel will have wisdom and understanding to make the proper decisions to secure the safety of Israel.


Throughout history, God has divinely intervened during times of great distress all over the world. Why not Michigan? Why not America today? What are the common denominator’s that led to God’s visitations? Is it our responsibility to study history regarding Great Awakenings of the past and come into agreement with those principles?  Click Here to Read More on this