The Tabernacle of David Watch

King David was a man of “one thing” (Psalm 27:4). Around 1000 BC, as an outflow of his heart, he commanded that the Ark of the Covenant be brought up on the shoulders of the Levites amidst the sound of songs and musical instruments to his new capital, Jerusalem. There he had it placed in […] Read more »

Herrnhut (The Lord’s Watch) – 1727

What is Herrnhut?  Why is this name so significant and symbolic today?  The name means watch of the Lord.  This prayer movement began in 1727 and helped birth the “Great Awakening” in America.  It began with twenty people (radical remnant) who have released the favor of God upon what they had desired to accomplish. Herrnhut was […] Read more »

Highlights of Prayer Movements

POINT TO PONDER:  There are common denominators we easily discover when we review historical great awakenings. Some of these principles that have brought Divine intervention into human affairs are persistent prayer by a remnant few; desperate times; faith filled declarations of God’s word; hearing the voice of God followed by obedience; passion for unsaved souls; […] Read more »