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Please listen to these short videos from Rick Warzywak of Transformation Michigan on the Prayer Watch Movement which is gaining momentum across the state.

Note from Rick Warzywak:  I want to thank you for making the decision to join the “MI Watch of the Lord”. Our state and nation needs a Great Awakening and you are now an important part in making that happen.

“Evangelism without prayer is like a bomb without a detonator” – Reinhard Bonnke

WATCH: to be vigilant; awake; to be alert; watchful; observing and discerning what is happening in our culture; to take on the responsibility and alert the community. A watchman warns and send out an alarm to the city so proper action can be taken.

                        Jesus said to…”Watch and Pray”… (Matthew 26:41)


To kick things off we are asking for a prayer commitments through 2015. A spontaneous combustion of prayer will manifest in our state as we connect 83 counties in day and night prayer. We realize some may want/need to change their watch times after a quarter of the year has passed. Please select one hour or more per week that you can commit to particular on any day(s) of the week.

NOTE: Remember you can change your times at the beginning of each calendar quarter if needed.

The Michigan prayer watch can be approached in a number of ways. Of course selecting one hour or more per week during the day where you personally go into your prayer closet and seek the Lord for our state and nation is vitally important. But…praying during the night between 10 PM and 6 AM are times that need to be targeted. We all realized that much evil manifests in the night.


At the beginning of this year in 2015 we added another aspect called the Michigan prayer night watch. Our mission is to identify 1-5 prayer night watch cells in each County in Michigan. Each prayer cell will originate from a church, ministry, house of prayer, shut-ins, university, or home group. We are asking a commitment of one hour per week for a period of three months – then you can switch times if needed. We will be using conference call technology that is free to set up.


  1.  First, you must establish your prayer group which will consist of 3 to 5 individuals who are relationally connected…they already have existing Koinonia relationship.

  1.  Go to www.freeconferencecalling.com and sign up for a free account – only the prayer group leader or one individual in the prayer cell will need a computer to do this. You’ll receive a call number and a code that your prayer group will be able to utilize. You may want to view the tutorial videos to help manage the calls.

  1.  Select a weekly watch time that your group can commit to. Our watch administrator team will be in contact with your leader you designate of your church, house of prayer, or ministry.

QUESTIONS: Contact rw247365@gmail.com


*A suggested protocol for your “Watch Hour” will be provided if needed! We can provide and extensive prayer list for the seven cultural gateways: government, education, business, arts/entertainment, media/communications, family and the church. You can go to this link below to download a prayer list for each area of the cultural gateways in society: http://hiddenonesmi.com/category/prayergateways/

*Prayer focuses will be provided on a consistent basis. Suggested prayers will be available for issues and challenges that may arise for our state and nation. Every watch group keeps its identity and can originate its own prayer focuses on a weekly basis for the region, state and nation.

*State conference calls will be set up to provide updated information. We will have guest speakers joining us at times for updates.

*A state Google Calendar is set up where you can see the monthly progress on the “Night Watch” – listing counties and watch teams.

*Additional resources are being developed such as a central Facebook site.

NOTE: every church or ministry maintains its own identity and mission. We will all unify around the banner of prayer as we connect 83 counties in Michigan.


Click here for link MI Watch-Weekly Log