Oak Initiative

The Oak Initiative is a grassroots movement to unite, mobilize, equip, and activate Christians to be the salt and light they are called to be by engaging in the great issues of our time from a sound biblical worldview.

It was started by more than 300 Christian leaders from across the spectrum of the body of Christ. Within months of its founding the Oak initiative had a presence in all 50 states and more than 50 nations, with Oak gatherings and Oak chapters springing up rapidly.

The name “The Oak Initiative” is derived from the biblical mandate to be Oaks of Righteousness according to Isaiah 61:3. A healthy Oak tree has a root system that is just as expansive below the ground as its branches are above the ground. We seek to be and to promote an uncommon depth of knowledge and understanding of the crucial issues in our time. An initiative implies our devotion to being proactive in engaging the important issues of our time.


To have and constantly strengthen a sound biblical worldview.

To be the salt and light we are called to be by standing without wavering for the truth as we are given the grace to see it.

To defend freedom, especially religious freedom, while also treating those of other faiths and perspectives with dignity and respect.

Through the Oak initiative, we will raise up effect of leaders in the seven areas of dominant influence, which are: governments, business, media, arts/entertainment, education, family, and the church.


We believe that Michigan can provide a helpful working model for chapters across the nation. The mission of the Oak initiative is what we stand for and is best described by a two-edged sword. One of those edges is proactive solutions where the grassroots can engage the culture…but even more importantly is prayer which is the foundational base for any type of strategy or action.


Oak chapters are developing across the state of Michigan where regional leaders are stepping forth to help organize and make an impact to shape our culture. We all feel  the Oak initiative can be part to help preserve a future for our children and grandchildren.


We are asking the people of Michigan to join up and become a member and be part of a movement that will impact Washington DC as we are facing very challenging times. For a minimum donation of $10 and we hope that you would give a larger offering you can become a member and sign up at: www.theoakinitiative.org. The benefits will far outweigh anything that you can give.


              GO TO www.theoakinitiative.org

Newsletter for 11.27.2013

Never forget how the Lord always stirs a remnant in desperate times. This stirring always resulted in increased prayer. You are not alone out there as we are connecting individuals, churches, and ministries throughout our state to be part in birthing a great awakening. We all desire to advance the kingdom of God but also to preserve a future for our children and grandchildren.

Click here for an important YouTube Video message from Rick

I am happy to report there is a process to connect various states together in the Moravian watch. The State of Virginia will be the first state that we will network with and you will be hearing more about this in the near future.

I want to wish you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving as well as thank you for your commitment and persistence as we move forward in the Moravian Watch of the Lord.

God bless,

Rick Warzywak – Transformation MI/MICHOP/Hidden Ones

989.657.0832 – rw247365@gmail.com

Update from Troy Carrigan our HiddenOnes Mi Prayer Coordinator

As we move into the next phase of the HiddenOnes prayer challenge from re-launch of the signup system to 24/7 coverage region-by-region we are very excited and encouraged as we see prayer warriors around Michigan and other states taking their place on the wall with the “sword” of God’s Holy Word in one hand and the trumpet of worship and prayer in the other.    The new spirit of unity in our diversity that is exploding throughout the state is powerful and refreshing and a mighty display of what happens when God’s people put aside their agendas for His.  If you do not yet have a free HiddenOnes bookmark for Breastplate Prayer please email your mailing address to TC247365@gmail.com and I will send one promptly.   Let’s press on to the prize of His highest calling!

Important: the following Prayer Slots that need to be filled for Mi 24/7 initiative are

Sun  1-4am….Sun  12-1pm….Sun  4-5pm….Sun  6-7pm….Wed  2-3am….Fri  2-3am….Sat  2-4am


Light and darkness is presently clashing throughout our nation.  Michigan is no exception. The battle to preserve traditional marriage and religious freedom in our state is coming to the forefront. Brad Snavely of Michigan Family Forum has given us an update of a soon coming challenge in February regarding adoption of children by homosexual couples. Transformation Michigan has also provided a link to answer common questions regarding gay marriage and the topic of homosexuality. Click Here for more of this story…

*Common Questions/Answers link for the battle to defend Traditional Marriage in MI.  Click here for more


Due to recent decisions by our present administration regarding Iran and it nuclear program Israel is in great danger. We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem. America is in danger of corrective judgments because of our present actions. Pray that the Prime Minister of Israel will have wisdom and understanding to make the proper decisions to secure the safety of Israel.


Throughout history, God has divinely intervened during times of great distress all over the world. Why not Michigan? Why not America today? What are the common denominator’s that led to God’s visitations? Is it our responsibility to study history regarding Great Awakenings of the past and come into agreement with those principles?  Click Here to Read More on this



Study the Great Awakenings

Throughout history, God has divinely intervened during times of great distress all over the world. Why not Michigan? Why not America today? What are the common denominator’s that led to God’s visitations? Is it our responsibility to study history regarding Great Awakenings of the past and come into agreement with those principles?

These questions also need to be considered.  Is it possible for the church to come together in unity as we rally around these principles? Is it possible for individuals, churches, and ministries to come together and still maintain their identity as well as their calling? Is God allowing an opportunity for a man to enter into his end time plan? Does God prefer mercy over judgment? Do you desire to see a literal visitation of God in your family, city, County, state and nation?



*A call to pray as desperation sets in because of immorality and the secularization of society.

*A remnant that responds who seeks the presence of God with expectation and faith.

*A seeking of a greater revelation of the cross with the uplifting of Jesus Christ.

*A desire to pray for the unsaved along with intercession for the region.

*A spirit of repentance, open confession of sin, in a spirit of humility.

*A change of heart were forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation manifests.

*A response of obedience and holiness results.

*A deep desire a visitation which would be spirit led and not man centered.

*A declaration of God’s word over individuals and regions with importunity.

*A desire for unity in the church in proper alignment with Christ as the head.


STUDY THE GREAT AWAKENINGS:  http://hiddenonesmi.com/2012/07/02/prayer-history/

Hebrides Revival of Scotland – 1949

A revival took place in 1949 in the village of Barvas on the largest island of the Outer Hebrides off the northwest coast of Scotland. Much has been written about the impact of pastor/evangelist Duncan Campbell and the meetings he led in that time. But little attention has been paid to the prayer warriors who paved the way before and during that mighty move of God’s presence.

Behind the scenes labored two elderly sisters: Peggy Smith, who was 84 years old and blind; and her sister, Christine Smith, 82 years old and almost doubled over with arthritis. They were unable to attend regular church services, but for months they prayed in their home for God to send revival to Barvas. These two relentless intercessors prayed by name for the people in each cottage along their village streets.

POINT TO PONDER:  Think about it, what about breastplate prayer, praying for 12 unsaved individuals daily? Do you have 3 unsaved family members; 3 unsaved friends; 3 unsaved neighbors or co-workers; 3 unsaved people you would never meet such as a political figure or entertainer you would never meet? Why not pray for them daily?

They reminded God of his word in Isaiah 44:3: “I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.” They cried this prophetic promise to the Lord day and night. Across the village, independent of the Smith sisters, seven young men met three nights a week in a barn to pray for revival. They made a covenant with God and one another, according to Isaiah 62:6-7, that they would give him no rest until he sent revival their way. Month after month they prevailed in prayer.

One night in particular they prayed with permanency Psalm 24:3-5: “Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that has clean hands, and a pure heart… He shall receive the blessing…from the God of his salvation”. Instantly, it seemed, the barn was filled with the glory of God and the young men praying from the Psalms fell prostrate on the floor. An awesome awareness of God overcame them and they were drenched with supernatural power they had never known before.

At that very time, the Lord gave one of the Smith sisters a vision, Peggy Smith saw the churches crowded with people, and hundreds being swept into the kingdom of God.  They sent word to their pastor that they had “broken through” and that heaven was about to descend on earth. And so it did.

The whole region seems saturated with God. Wherever people were, in the workplace homes, or on the roads, they were overwhelmed by the presence of Almighty God. Water indeed soaked the dry ground as the Holy Spirit conviction was poured out in those days. A stream of blessing flow that brought hundreds to salvation during the days of that historic visitation.

Can this happen in Michigan as well as our nation today? Would you believe with me that God is raising up and stirring a hidden praying remnant at this very moment?

POINT TO PONDER: What is the common denominator in this account?  It is passionate, persistent prayer and declaration of God’s Word brought forth by a “hidden remnant” that God has chosen to birth a visitation.


Argentia Revival Early 1950’s


This story begins with the prayer life of missionary R. E. Miller from the United States. In the early 1950s, he had spent years of tireless, zealous activity in Argentina, pastoring churches, holding meetings and conducting personal evangelism, with little fruit. Does this sound familiar? It seemed to him he tried everything…except prayer.

He began a new course of action by praying eight hours a day for revival in his own life and in his community of Mar del Plata. He continued leading Sunday services at his little church but spent most of the rest of the week in intercession before his God. After six months of waiting on God, searching the Scriptures, fasting and praying, the Lord finally spoke to Edward Miller. It was a simple message: Continue!  So he did…relentlessly as if his life depended on it.

Point to Ponder:  “Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.  A man is powerful on his knees.” – Corrie ten Boom

Months passed, and Miller continued to keep the eight hour watch until God would speak to him again. This time the Lord told him to announce public prayer meetings that week, which would begin the following Monday night, at the church from 8 PM until midnight. Miller argued with the Lord, telling him that if he had held such a prayer meeting, the only ones to come would be little old ladies, and all they would do is sit and watch him pray. The Lord prompted him to call the meeting.

So Miller announced the meeting. Sure enough, three little old women were the only ones who came. Miller was right about his next objection, too. The ladies just sat and watched him pray for the next four hours. But pray he did. At the end of the meeting, he asked if anyone had received anything from God. One of the women, the wife of a backslidden man, raised her hand. She described a strange desire to come up and knock on the wood table at the front of the sanctuary. But she felt that would be foolish, so she declined. Pastor Miller dismissed the meeting and all went home.

They met for the next two nights, with the same results. The woman with a backslidden husband felt compelled again, she said, to come to the front and hit the wood table, and refused to do so. Pastor Miller became frustrated. Why would God lead her to do that? How could we get her to comply? On the last night of the scheduled prayer meeting, the same three women came and sat and watched Pastor Miller pray. At the close of the meeting he asked the same question and received the same response from the same woman. But this time Miller said, we are all going to walk around the table and hit it. He hoped she would follow them, gather enough courage and knock on the table herself.

Miller passed by and hit the wood table, followed by two of the women. Then the third woman stepped up to the table and knocked on it. When she did, the Holy Spirit swept through the little church and overwhelmed them with glory and the sense of his presence. All three women were baptized in the Spirit and begin worshiping God in a language they had not learned. The news spread and people begin to come nightly. Eventually the fire of revival spread to the capital city of Buenes Aires, where tens of thousands gathered in an outdoor sports Stadium in 1954. The Lord saved and healed many under the powerful ministry of Tommy Hicks. It was the beginning of the great Argentine revival of the early 1950s. What was that simple word that Pastor Miller heard during his dedicated prayer time? Continue! Is God preparing somebody today to be one of the obedient hidden remnant? Is it you?

Point to Ponder: “We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth.” – Andrew Murray


Prayer Target Updates for September 2013


I was recently in the upper Peninsula and met with a good friend who is with Voice of the Martyrs ministry. He is directly connected with the underground church in Third World nations. He called me a few days ago and said the Syrian and Egyptian Christians are being slaughtered by rebel Islamic forces. We must lift them up in prayer. Many are suffering persecution the on what we can imagine. I have enclosed a YouTube clip with my friend brother Ray as he shares a story. May we have faith in endurance to stand if we are tested in such a way.




Pray that the sex trade would be exposed in our state. I just learned it is very prevalent on our West Coast of our state. I was not aware it was so widespread. The information I received indicated the kingpin lives in our upper Peninsula. May he be exposed in Jesus name. Cindy Jacobs has declared war through prayer on the sex trade perversion in our nation. This is a YouTube link(s) from their ministry.




We recently had a state trooper shot and killed in the Ludington area. Transformation Michigan has a relationship with two state troopers who are leading an initiative to pray for our police officers across the state of Michigan. What if any time we passed a police car or emergency vehicle we would lift up that officer or those personnel as well as their family and the situations they would be facing that day –in prayer. Speak a blessing and declare protection over any law enforcement vehicle that passes by you as you drive.  Go to this website if you would like to be part and lead the way and having local law enforcement prayed for by churches where you live –www.Adopt-a-Cop.org



We are receiving prophetic warnings regarding our economy in the United States. Pray that believers would be prepared for what is coming. Ask the Lord for mercy for our nation as a number are seeing a dollar and stock market crash. Always remember, never fear as God will be Jehovah Jireh..a provider.!



We have a plan that will go to many states. Portions of it need financing. I was given a word that a large donor will step forward. One door has closed – temporarily – that would have been a possibility but I still believe another will open. I have enclosed a YouTube clip talking about the mission for Transformation Michigan for 2013-14. Michigan will be a model to the nation and you are part of birthing a great awakening.


Newsletter for June 26th

There is a hidden praying remnant that is coming together in Michigan. It takes faith, persistence, and importunity. We have had two major developments take place since our last communication.

They both need prayer.

1.  Transformation Michigan has been in contact with Reinhard Bonnke’s organization. Reinhard is one of the world’s greatest evangelist and has it on his heart to come to Detroit and the Michigan region. His organization flew me, (Rick Warzywak),  into Florida this past week and the meetings went beyond my expectations. Detroit is a city of desperation and the church of that city must be impacted with te Gospel. Prophets have spoken how Detroit goes the nation will follow. We all have a vested interest in that city even though we may not live there.

Here is a clip of Reinhard Bonnke


Reinhard carries a message of unity of the church and the simple oGspel followed by signs, wonders, and miracles. Plans are moving forward and pray that I have favor!


2.  An opportunity has risen up where major funding could manifest to build the prayer movement in the State of Michigan. Transformation Michigan has a fivefold plan to facilitate this and a release of funding would accelerate our mission and vision for our state.


Pray that finances would be released!


Remember…there is a discipline in the Michigan Watch of the Lord. Do not give up and keep filling the bowl in heaven and your prayers will spill over and transform our state. You are partnering with Michigan’s destiny as a model to the nation. The changes we are seeing come into Michigan are a direct result of your prayers and petitions.

God bless,

Rick Warzywak – HiddenOnesMI.com

NOTE: When I had lunch with James Goll he shared with Bishop Larry Jackson and myself that he had a dream. The dream was of Reinhard Bonnke. He was to visit three cities in America to turn back the African American community… Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta.




A.  Let us make a stand and pray for protection of communities across America during next week’s July 4th festivities. There have been warnings of potential terrorist attacks.

B.  Continue to pray that evil and corruption will be exposed in government. This includes both political parties. Pray that men and women of conviction would rise up to stand for freedom in our nation and the preservation of the U.S. Constitution.

C.  Pray for General Boykin as he leads the charge to preserve the rights of military personnel to share their Christian faith.

D.  Pray that truth would come forward in the present immigration bill as well as the hidden costs in Obamacare be exposed.




if you are taking vacations in these areas or live near them you may want to consider attending these mini conferences. I will be doing workshops at both and working with Harp and Bowl leaders from Kansas City.

Check out these links: 

Ludington – July 12-13


Traverse City – July 26-27



Bishop Larry Jackson in Detroit You Tube Links


In our last newsletters we had posted the first four parts regarding the power in prayer by Bishop Jackson. I have listed below parts five and six.

PART 5 – http://youtu.be/x7jTXlUKzYs

PART 6 – http://youtu.be/YF44kKpWjOE




The question of who’s in control is a governmental issue. We often think of government only in its civil sense, but Webster’s defines govern as “to direct and control; to regulate by authority; to influence; to direct; to restrain; to steer or to regulate the course of; to exercise authority to maintain the superiority.” 

To exercise authority is to govern. Praying with authority, therefore, is “governmental intercession.” So, in essence, this is an issue of government – not politics, but prayer! Politicians and government officials legislate through man-made laws and rulings. We legislate through spiritual laws, principles, and activities. We legislate through prayer! – Dutch Sheets


HiddenOnes Michigan Newsletter for May 23rd, 2013

The Scriptures tell us “be not weary in well doing”. Intercessory prayer is not an easy task for those who expect immediate results. This is why we are on a mission to enlist the hidden remnant who have the mentality of never giving up.

We are filling the Revelation 5:8 bowls in heaven during the most dangerous times in human history.

Never lose sight of the fact that you are standing in the gap for your children, grandchildren, family, region, state, and America.

God bless,

Rick Warzywak – www.HiddenOnesMI.com



1. After the tragic devastation of the tornadoes in Oklahoma and loss of life, let us never take for granted our position in Christ. I pray daily and am asking you to stand in the gap for your county, city or town, the state of Michigan, and America daily regarding devastating storms, pandemics, terrorist attacks, earthquakes (one was felt in MI last week out of Quebec, Canada), and whatever else God leads you to pray into. Some of you may consider reading Psalm 91 over these areas. I am not asking you to do something that I do not do myself.

2.  Pray for the truth to come out regarding the Benghazi and IRS scandals. When a people fear its government this is called tyranny. Only the truth can set us free.

3.  Pray for President Obama: that he would have a Damascus road experience and a direct visitation by the Lord in the night seasons; that all evil counsel would be removed from him; that the prophets of God would gain access to him and speak truth; and of course personal safety for him and his family.

4.  Pray that the grassroots prayer movement would continue to grow in Michigan and in our nation. Ask the Lord to send us a great awakening.


Abortion or the shedding of innocent blood is one of the root causes of all the difficulties we face in our nation. I am thankful for the justice that resulted in the Gosnell trial. What took place in Philadelphia is taking place in many cities across America. This YouTube clip is very disturbing as other workers in abortion mills are stepping forth and speaking out of the atrocities taking place.  Click here to listen to this video.

PASS THIS Video clip on to your Pastor

We are pursuing many paths to connect 83 counties in the state of Michigan in day and night prayer. What if churches across the state of Michigan could commit to be houses of prayer? What do I mean? What if a church would decide to take one day each month and encourage its members to work together to cover a 12 hour or 24 hour time segment? Listen to this YouTube clip that presents the vision.


I firmly believe there are precious and valuable resources in our nursing homes. There are born again believers who have their wits about them and may feel like life has passed them by. What if we could activate them in the prayer closet movement – the Michigan Watch of the Lord? Listen to the vision on this link.

BISHOP LARRY JACKSON – “We Carry the Power in Prayer”

These are the first two parts of 8 regarding the power that we carry in prayer. A number have told me this is the best teaching they have heard in a long time. Again, use these in your prayer closet as a devotional. These clips are taken from our Great Awakening conference.

Part 1 – http://youtu.be/zHYdAYFJpRc

Part 2 – http://youtu.be/PP5-dDlRCPE

Don’t forget, you are invited! If you live in the Dearborn and Grand Rapids area a special guest is coming…Lt General Jerry Boykin. He is now VP of Family Research Council.

Click here for information and link to a downloadable PDF poster.

Jim Goll Conference Schedule

This is the updated conference schedule

Conference Location:  Rochester Assembly of God  4435 North Rochester Rd  Rochester, MI – 48306  Phone: 248.652.3353

Friday April 12th – 7:30PM                    CONFERENCE TOPICS TO BE COVERED

Worship: Nate Marielke                             *Will day/night 24/7 prayer/praise birth an awakening in a nation?

Speaker: Jim Goll                                         *What are the Historical perspectives of a “Watch of the Lord”?

Saturday April 13th                                  *How can we bring prayer unity to the races and cultures?

10AM – 11:45                                             *Is Michigan being called to be  a model to the nation?

Speaker: Bishop Larry Jackson                  *Are we entering into a season of signs, wonders and miracles?

12 Noon – 2PM – Lunch Break                  *What role does Matthew 6:6 play in a Great Awakening?

2PM – 4:00PM                                             *What is an intercessor and the roles and responsibility they carry?

Speakers: Jim Goll and Bishop Larry Jackson

4PM – 6:00PM Dinner Break


Worship – Transformation Michigan team led by Greg Davis and Dan Goucher.

This team will be composed of a mix of Black and White musicians that will bring forth a sound that will change the atmosphere of a region.

NOTE: At 5:00PM the worship team will begin to play as we enter into a time of spontaneous prayer, praise and declaration over MI.  We will transition right into the evening gathering.

Speakers: Jim Goll and Bishop Larry Jackson will tag team.

Sunday April 14th – 10AM

Worship: Nate Marielke

Speaker: Jim Goll